Tornow Times, Feb. 2

Do you see how much it has grown?  I was thinking this week about why this new baby plant was able to sprout… What conditions were required for its growth?  It needed to be planted correctly, given enough water (but not too much), and enough light to form deep and sturdy roots.  How do we encourage this growth in our children?  There are a few ideal conditions that come to my mind….

  • ‚ÄčBelief – When the students know we believe in them and their ability to grow, they flourish.  Tell them daily that God created them for a purpose and filled them with incredible potential!
  • The right amount of challenge — Dry soil in a plant encourages roots to grow deeper to look for more water.  In the same way, a challenge that a student has to think through and work out on their own helps create new and richer pathways in their brain. 
  •  A safe and loving space to grow – A calm and happy brain learns best.  Challenges that are given in a place where it’s okay to have a wrong answer, and where failures are just steps in the path to success are the ones that lead to learning and growth.  

Thank you for partnering with me in creating these conditions for your children to flourish!

Here’s what’s happening in fourth grade this week and beyond…

  • Monday, 2/3 – There will be guest teacher in the morning as Mrs. Hafer and I collaborate on an accreditation report.  I’ll be back in the classroom after lunch.  We will have an Art Masters lecture. 
  • Tuesday, 2/4 – Art Masters project
  • Wednesday, 2/5 – Chapel – Bring offering
  • Thursday, 2/6 – Memory test
  • Friday, 2/7 – Spelling Test, $ Free Dress
  • Sunday, 2/9 – Britt and Micah Odemba (Britt Anderson) will be speaking about their ministry in Kenya during the equipping hour.  Some of you may remember when Britt was our preschool director.  It’s been fun having them stay with their two little ones at my house! 

Our Valentine’s Party will be on February 13, at 8:30 a.m.  We will share Valentines and healthy snacks, play a few games, and then return to our regular learning schedule.  Special thanks to our room moms for coordinating these fun classroom events.  A class list was sent home last week with names for Valentines. Please let me know if you need another one.