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Our Grade School

Christ Lutheran School offers a curriculum aligned with California State Standards, attempting to meet the needs of each child in a co-ed day school. Our Christian education setting provides a safe and secure environment where students can feel free to develop their gifts and talents. Before and after school care is available. Christ Lutheran has National Accreditation through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and through National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA).


Building A Firm Foundation– In Kindergarten your child will be offered an educational experience structured to provide them with the foundation they need to become lifelong learners. Our day involves age appropriate instruction designed to keep the students actively engaged in their learning environment. Technology is thoughtfully integrated into the day and carefully monitored. Lessons are taught through hands-on manipulatives, direct instruction, self-guided activities and small groups in order to best meet the needs of all children.

1st Grade

Creative Cultures Cultivate Curious Children– First graders are curious and ready to become better readers. They look for connections and head into challenges with excitement. Reading ability will be developed, independence will be gained, and math concepts will be explored through active learning and hands-on manipulatives. Curriculum is enhanced through technology integration and independent centers that reinforce their learning. Individual creativity will be nurtured in collaborative cultures throughout the curriculum and STEM activities.

2nd Grade

A whole new world awaits Second Graders! Through a variety of learning experiences, students grow in ownership and responsibility as actively engaged learners. Reading skills and comprehension are strengthened, math is explored through investigation and problem solving, technology skills are integrated and basic skills in Google Apps are developed. Active learning and hands-on experiences, both individually and collaboratively, will be nurtured in genius hour activities, and project-based learning.

3rd Grade

Third grade students learn to think critically. As inquisitive learners, they use their knowledge base from second grade to ask questions and think about purpose or process. Their independence grows exponentially as they learn what capable learners they truly are. An active learning environment is applied that values creativity and curiosity. Here there is a high value on interdisciplinary technique, collaborative strategies, and project-based learning.

4th Grade

Fourth grade students are ready to take off at a faster pace of learning! They are more confident and fluent readers, allowing them to effectively learn from research and written texts, as well as enjoy longer and more complex novels. Fourth graders are curious and love experiencing content through hands-on learning as well as technology tools. They use their Chromebooks to practice math skills, write, create, and collaborate. They grow in their faith daily as they study God’s Word, ask deep questions, and explore what it means to be followers of Christ.

5th Grade

Fifth grade students are independent, have strong opinions, and are developing a clear sense of their interests and abilities. They are effective collaborators, enjoying group work and peer relationships. They become better able to comprehend abstract concepts and ideas, and bring this understanding into all subject areas. Fifth graders develop greater personal responsibility for their organization, homework and studying, ask they prepare for the challenges of middle school. They develop a bigger picture of the story of salvation, growing in their understanding of God’s plan and love them throughout the whole Bible.

6th Grade

Students in 6th grade will experience a block schedule format in the middle school setting. They will have multiple teachers, and experience different teaching styles! We are a one-to-one Chromebook school, and integrate technology into all content. Students will learn to apply their faith in their Lord to their daily lives and choices, and how their character as a Christian can be a positive influence to all they encounter. They will journey through Ancient Civilizations to become aware of culture and open their minds to new ideas, and experience God’s creation through the study of Life Science! The year will culminate with a trip to El Camino Pines for outdoor education, experiencing the science they have learned first hand!

7th Grade

Students in 7th grade continue to build on their organizational skills and study habits. As part of looking ahead they will visit High School like Orange Lutheran and Crean Lutheran. They will experience service projects, Middle School dances, class parties, Valentine’s Day Bingo. A big highlight for any 7th grader is the Marine Science Adventure Camp at Catalina Island - students become Marine Biologists for a week and have the opportunity to learn about our God and His awesome creation.

8th Grade

In 8th grade, students are finishing up their studies and experiences in middle school. They study our nation’s history, grammar and writing, literature that often follows our history timeline, Algebra I, physics in science, and the New Testament in religion. They are developing the study skills and knowledge needed to carry them on to the next level of their education – high school. Students are kept posted of the dates of testing and registering of many of our surrounding schools. Finally, the 8th grade year is also one of getting ready for our big trip to the East Coast. We will tour our nation’s capital, walk the battle field at Gettysburg, and finish in the “Big Apple” in New York. A lot goes in to the planning of this trip and in the raising of the necessary funds.

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